About Food Talks

For 12 years RECAA has been talking with others about neglect, disrespect, isolation and mistreatment of elders through our Forum workshops.

We have also been talking about creating a culture of respect, one in which we all work together to bring love, respect and community back into our lives.

In these 12 years RECAA has been equated with good, delicious eating.

There has never been a meeting, rehearsal, or AGM where food has not played a central role. This year we hope to share not only a meal or two with you but how we cook or prepare our dishes.

Eating together has created a community for us. We hope to strengthen this even more by cooking together, sharing our recipes and extending an invitation to many of our friends and partners to join us in this wonderful adventure!

FoodTalks’ contributors

  • Wendy Allen
  • Enid Anderson
  • Anne Caines (RECAA’s coordinator)
  • Jennifer Chew
  • Farah Fancy (RECAA’s project coordinator)
  • Marietta Haas-Lubelsky
  • Sajida Imam
  • Louise Jack
  • Marguerite Kephart
  • Madhu Nambiar
  • Sadeqa Siddiqui
  • Rita Roy

From ACT

  • Myriam Durocher (ACT’s project coordinator)
  • Maude Gauthier (Researcher)
  • Antonia Hernández (Graphic designer and webmaster)
  • Magdalena Olszanowski (Image Coordinator)
  • Tricia Toso (workshop teacher)