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Pasta has always been my comfort food. I should say more specifically, Asian noodles,I usually like my noodles in an Asian broth; it can be a Vietnamese broth or a Ramen noodle soup (Japanese) or even a cold Sichuan soup. The wonderful thing about noodles is that you can customize them to your own taste buds and create delicious meals with leftovers; you can eat noodles chili hot, sour, salty, cold with vinegar or lemon. Of course, with soy sauce or sesame oil or toasted sesame (black or white) a yummy nutritious dish for lunch, supper or a snack.

And Asian noodles are ready within 3 minutes! Like Italian pastas there are quite a few kinds of pasta. The ones in this photo are rice and egg noodles. One can also buy soya and wheat noodles. Most supermarkets will carry at least one variety of Asian noodles.

An easy way to experiment with your own taste buds is to buy a few packets of one portion noodles ( ramen or other Chinese noodles) that includes a packet which creates a broth. Follow directions on the package and voilà, you have a noodle dish.

Try adapting the next package by using your own broth. I usually substitute the small packet of broth with a healthier one (too many chemical preservatives in the packaged broth) I use my own homemade chicken broth or an organic carton of chicken broth or cubes of clear vegetable or beef broth.

Suggestions for ingredients :

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Vegetables : leafy greens (spinach, chard, beet leaves and even left over lettuce from a salad) spring onions or chopped red or white onions, sprouts. Vegetables can be added when the broth is hot.

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Protein : Bits of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, a boiled egg.

2016-06-14 01.04.29Garnish : cilantro, parsley, spring onions, bean sprouts and grated ginger (not a paste, small bits) fresh green or red chilies (you decide the strength of the chilis). You can even add some crushed dried chiles.

Side Accompaniements : Usually cucumbers chopped in small bits with a bit of soya sauce, seseme oil and lemon to taste; and my favourite cabbage is a hot Kim Chi, a Korean pickle which is hot, salty and garlicky. There is also a radish and cucumbers marinated in the same way.

Sauces : Again this is an individual taste so experiment! The basics are : soya sauce with some vinegar and a bit of sugar. You can make this chilli hot by adding chopped chillies. Another combination : soya sauce, lemon and a touch of sesame. (very good on cucumbers) Pour the sauce over the accompaniments and when you use them with the noodles they will add more flavour to the broth. Delicious.

Never use cream sauces in Asian Soupy Noodle dishes.

I have included here a link for  a simple soya Asian salad dressing: Simplest Asian Dressing recipe |

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